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Success Rates Summary

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The Postsecondary Success Rates report shows the number of degree-seeking students who enter a Michigan postsecondary community college or public university and achieve a successful outcome. This report is available for Michigan’s 28 community colleges and 15 public universities along with metrics for the community college and public university sectors as a whole. CEPI worked to identify consistent and reliable measures to calculate the state rates with the Michigan Association of State Universities, the Michigan Community College Association, and participants from various public universities and community colleges.

The rates reported capture both part- and full-time enrollment for all degree-seeking students as well as mobility between institutions. Achievement of a bachelor’s degree from a university, an associate degree from a community college or transfer to a university from a community college are all considered successes. The report also contains a comprehensive success rate to showcase other successes such as earning a certificate, earning a bachelor’s degree at a community college or earning an associate degree at a university. For more information on how the success rates are calculated, please consult Understanding Michigan's Postsecondary Success Rates.


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First Enrolled During Cohort Year... Community CollegePublic University
2009-10Cohort Year 2009-10 Community College Success RatesCohort Year 2009-10 University Success Rates
2010-11Cohort Year 2010-11 Community College Success RatesCohort Year 2010-11 University Success Rates
2011-12Cohort Year 2011-12 Community College Success RatesCohort Year 2011-12 University Success Rates
2012-13Cohort Year 2012-13 Community College Success RatesCohort Year 2012-13 University Success Rates
2013-14Cohort Year 2013-14 Community College Success Rates
2014-15Cohort Year 2014-15 Community College Success Rates
2015 Postsecondary Success Rates Report (.zip)