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Kindergarten Count is Updated

School year 2017-18 is now available.

Postsecondary Success Rates

School year 2016-17 is now available.

Student Count Report has been Updated

School Year 2017-18 is now available.

Graduation/Dropout Rate Updated

SY 2016-17 data are now available.

Maps - Career and College Readiness

Student Growth report has been Updated.

School year 2016-17 is now available.

2016-17 M-STEP and SAT Data Released to Public

Data are found in Grades 3-8 and HS Assessment reports.

SY 2016-17 At Risk Student Released to the Public

Data are found in the At Risk Student report.
Top 10 in 10

Top 10 in 10 Years

The Michigan Department of Education has developed a set of strategies to help Michigan become a Top 10 education state in 10 years

Progress towards this goal will be assessed in these 6 areas:

Early Learning, Engagement, Effective Educators, Equity, Exit Ready, and Efficacy