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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) State-Approved Programs prepare students so they have the necessary academic, technical and work behavior skills to make meaningful connections to the current and emerging world of work. Current state-approved programs are grouped under 17 career clusters, where students learn the knowledge and skills they will need for success in college and careers.

State-approved CTE programs provide rigorous content that is aligned with challenging academic standards as well as related relevant technical knowledge and skills. The integration of work-based learning experiences through partnerships with business and industry and the development of soft skills through student leadership opportunities provide students a seamless transition into higher education and the world of work. The entire program supports the pillars of the top 10 in 10 initiatives for the Michigan Department of Education.

CTE Reports

Educational Attainment by High School CTE Status: This report shows how educational attainment differs among high school graduates who participated in various capacity of career and technical education in high school.

Award After Postsecondary CTE Completion: Shows the count and percentage of students who earned a CTE postsecondary award continued to earn postsecondary awards afterwards.

High School CTE Status of Postsecondary CTE Completers: This report shows the count and percentage of how many students who have earned a CTE postsecondary award participated in high school CTE.

Postsecondary CTE Awards by High School CTE Status: See how many high school graduates earned a postsecondary CTE award and whether they participated in high school CTE.

Median Annual Wages by Educational Attainment and High School CTE Status: Report shows the median annual wages for students one year after completing their highest level of education and their high school career and technical education status. The report also shows the number of employed completers by high school CTE status whose wages are being summarized.

Additional Resources

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