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  Updated as of May 15, 2019

Recently Released:

  • Child Count: Counts and percentages of early childhood participants have been updated with 2017-18 data and released to the public. Childcare Subsidy data has been added to the programs available for selection. This program offers payment assistance to parents in certain eligibility subgroups who need childcare for reasons such as pursuing high school completion or unavailability due to employment. An unduplicated count option has also been added to the All Programs category.


  • Postsecondary Dual Enrollment Data File: The 2017-18 data is now available to the public, showing counts of high school students taking postsecondary courses, the tuition paid and credits earned.


  • Retained in Grade: Cross-tabulated subgroups by grade have been added to the Retained in Grade report, which shows counts and percentages of students who were enrolled in the same grade level for two consecutive years. The report has been updated with 2017-18 data and released to the public. School years since 2013-14 have been reloaded to include the crosstabulations and clarify the developmental kindergarten data included in the report.


  • Special Education Annual Public Reporting: The target and performance of indicators 1 to 14 of the Annual Performance Report for the state and districts have been released in preview for the 2017-18 update. This year, ISD aggregate data have been added to the reports. Secure users will be able to view the reports using the “New Annual Public Reporting – SPP” section while in preview. The report is planned for public release on May 24, 2019. 


    • The Indicator Report Summary report displays a table of indicator information for quick comparison of state or district targets and performance data. Click the names of any indicator to see details on submission and data sources.


    • Users can customize which indicators they would like to view using the Selected Indicator Reports. This also provides collection information with data tables and accompanying charts showing state targets and performance.


    • Indicator data files with Part B and Part C information have been updated on the Special Education Summary page, along with answers to common questions regarding Part B State Performance Plan/APR data, and IDEA terms and definitions.


  • Student Pathways Aggregate for High SchoolsPostsecondary data showing enrollment, credit accumulation, remedial coursework, and degree attainment along with select demographic breakdowns for each high school graduating class is packaged in this report. The 2017-18 data has been released to the public.


Coming Soon:


  •  Success Rates: This report, showing the number of degree-seeking students achieving successful outcomes at Michigan’s public universities and community colleges, will soon be updated with 2017-18 data. Successes include earning a certificate, associate or bachelor’s degree at a public university or community college or transferring to a public university as a degree-seeking student from a community college. These rates capture both part- and full-time enrollment, as well as mobility between institutions.


  • Student Suspensions and Expulsions: This metric will be added to the Parent Dashboard, showing unduplicated counts of students who were reported as suspended or expelled during the school year. The release will be in preview with school year 2017-18 data.


This page is updated the first and third Wednesday of every month with news and report release information. For a schedule of report releases, please see our Report Calendar. Check the ticker on MI School Data for updated report release news.