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Updated as of April 1, 2020

MI School Data User Migration

Beginning in summer 2020, all MI School Data secure users will need a third party MILogin account with the same email address as their current MI School Data account to access secure data. Users who don’t already have this type of MILogin account must create one prior to the migration to retain access to secure data. If this is not done prior to the migration, users will need to fill out a security form and request a new account. Please refer to the MILogin/MI School Data Instructions for information on how to set up your MILogin account now to ensure continued access to your data.

New Report

  • The Michigan School Grades report is now available to the public showing data from 2018-19. The report is based on the new Michigan School Grades System in which schools receive up to five letter grades and three ranking labels based on various school performance components.

Recently Updated

  • Data for the 2019-20 school year have been added to the Foundation Allowance report. This report shows the amount of revenue a selected district receives from the state per student enrolled.
  • The following Parent Dashboard metrics have been updated:
    • Percent of Graduates from High School who are Proficient on the SAT has been updated with 2018-19 data.
    • Ratio of Students to Support Staff has been updated with 2019-20 data.

Coming Soon

  • The number and percent of 3rd and 11th grade students who were proficient on the M-STEP and SAT and were identified as “Section 31a At Risk” will be updated with 2018-19 data in the At Risk Student report. Eighth grade Math PSAT data will now be included in this report.
  • The Ratio of Students to Instructional Staff metric on the Parent Dashboard will be updated with 2019-20 data.

This page is updated the first and third Wednesday of every month with news and report release information. For a schedule of report releases, please see our Report Calendar. Check the ticker on MI School Data for updated report release news.