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Updated as of September 15, 2021

This page is updated the first and third Wednesday of every month with news and report release information. For a schedule of report releases, please see our Report Calendar.

Released to the Public

Released in Preview

  • Data showing attendance rates for all students, chronically absent students, and not chronically absent students for 2020-21 have been added to the Student Attendance report and will be publicly available within a week.

  • The Student Mobility report compares numbers of students transferring to, transferring from, and remaining in a district after fall count day. Data for 2020-21 will be publicly available within a week.

Coming Soon

  • The English Learner Assessment reports show English Learners’ proficiency, proficiency levels and scaled scores on the WIDA ACCESS assessment for ELs. Data for 2019-20 and 2020-21 will added.

  • The English Learner Student Growth report shows how much growth in learning the English language, as measured across two consecutive years of the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs, English learner students made in comparison to their EL peers. Data will be added for the 2020-21 school year.

  • Michigan's Education Staff is MI School Data’s new Education Focus Area. Created in partnership with MDE’s Office of Educator Excellence, this report provides statewide and district-level data on staff and student demographics, teacher and support staff retention, students/staff ratios, and support staff assignments. The report will be released in preview and will be publicly available after two weeks.

  • The following metrics on the Parent Dashboard will be updated.
    • 2019-20 data
      • The Teacher Retention metric displays how many teachers are retained year over year at the same school.
    • 2020-21
      • The Length of Time Receiving English Learner Services metric shows the median years a student was enrolled in the English Learner program before exiting.
      • The Student Attendance metric shows students’ average attendance rate.
      • The Student Transfers metric shows the percent of student transfers.
      • The Teacher Years of Experience metric shows the median years of Michigan teaching experience for teachers.