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New Student Pathways Aggregate Report

Check out the new Student Pathways Aggregate Report for High Schools.  Now available.

Annual Education Report

The Annual Education Report has been updated!

2014-15 Data update for Educator Effectiveness

Check out the new 2014-15 school year data in the Educator Effectiveness report.

Final Financial Data for 2014-15 Now Available

Final Financial Data for SY2014-15 is now available.

District Financial Transparency Dashboard Available

Check out the  District Financial Transparency Dashboard now available with final 2014-15 school year data.

M-STEP Report Available

Check out our updated M-STEP report with trend view.

SY2015-16 Student Count Data now Available

SY2015-16 Student Count data now available.

SY2014-15 Grad/Dropout Rate now available.

Check out the SY2014-15 Grad/Dropout Rate report.

New Early Childhood Reports Available

Non-Resident Report Has Been Updated

SY 2015-16 data has been updated in our Non-Resident Report!

Retained in Grade Report Has Been Updated

SY2015-16 data has been updated in our Retained in Grade Report!

Special Education Data Portraits

Special Education Data Portraits have been updated with SY2015-16 data.