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Updated as of May 5, 2021

This page is updated the first and third Wednesday of every month with news and report release information. For a schedule of report releases, please see our Report Calendar.

Released to the Public

Coming Soon

  • The target and performance data on indicators 1 to 14 of the Special Education Annual Public Reporting for the state and districts will be released in preview, along with the Indicator data files with Part B and Part C information. During the preview period, logged-in users will see the updated report listed in the Special Education menu under the K-12 Grade dropdown as “New Annual Public Reporting (for secure users - preview only).”

  • In 2019, Gov. Whitmer set a goal to increase the percentage of Michigan adults with postsecondary degrees or certificates to 60% by the year 2030. In support of this initiative the new Postsecondary Attainment: Progress Toward Sixty by 30 Education Focus Area, will be added to MI School Data. This report will combine data from the Lumina Foundation, National Student Clearinghouse and CEPI to explore postsecondary enrollment, persistence and completion of Michigan students and track progress toward this goal.

  • Postsecondary data showing enrollment, credit accumulation, remedial coursework and degree attainment, along with select demographic breakdowns for each high school graduating class are packaged in the Postsecondary Trends by High School report. School year 2019-20 data will be added.