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The Talking Points for School Leaders is a monthly publication designed to provide MI School Data's key stakeholders with information on Technical Updates, Outreach and Conferences, Train-the-Trainer, and Professional Development. Questions or ideas for the monthly edition, contact Dr. Rhonda Provoast at

Date Spotlight
November 2021  
October 2021  
Aug/Sept 2021 Back End Administration for Technical Administrators
June 2021 Blue Regional Leads, New Education Focus Area - 60 by 30
May 2021 Red Regional Lead, YouTube Channel and Webinar Series
April 2021 Red Regional Lead, Education Entity Master updates to School Services & Offerings in Parent Dashboard
March 2021 Purple Regional Leads, College Reports
February 2021 Green Regional Leads, Financial Information Reports
January 2021 Orange Regional Leads, Annual Report, MICIP
Date Spotlight
December 2020 Covid19 Dashboard, Train-the-Trainer Updates
November 2020 MI School Data Redesign and Training Schedule
October 2020 MI School Data Preview Release and Webinar Schedule
September 2020 Preview of Education Dashboard
August 2020 MI School Data access with MILOGIN 3rd Party
July 2020 User Migration, MILOGIN 3rd Party, Personas
June 2020 End of Year Reporting, Redesign Spotlight
May 2020 User Migration, MILOGIN 3rd Party, School Services & Offerings
April 2020 Annual Head Start Conference, School Grades
March 2020 State Testing Conference, School Services & Offerings
February 2020 Green and Purple Regional Events
January 2020 AER, School Index, and Public Reporting
Date Spotlight
December 2019 Big 10 Network, School Services & Offerings, Train-the-Trainer
November 2019 Workforce Reports and Public Releases
October 2019 Train-the-Trainer Network Meeting
September 2019 School Services, Parent Dashboard, AER, and Our Schools At A Glance
August 2019 Technical Updates and Inactive User Accounts
June 2019 Edupaths and Summer Training Opportunities
May 2019 Workforce added to the Menu Bar
April 2019 Train-the-Trainer and Edupaths Courses for Summer
March 2019 BAA Logins, Permissions, Postsecondary Data Releases
February 2019 BAA Logins, New Sessions in the Webinar Series
January 2019 Technical Updates and Professional Learning